Permanent Home

We currently rent two buildings for our 1-5 year old program and our 6-18 year old program. Our goal is to purchase a piece of property to build one dynamic building to serve both programs. This would also reduce the rental costs for the program. The cost of a lot that would suit our needs is $50,000 USD. We have volunteers that would be able to donate and build the structure we would need.

School Bus

​The program is depended on a fully functional school bus. Due to generous donations we have been able to keep our bus running but we are in desperate need of a school bus. A used bus costs $15,000 USD in Bolivia.


​We would like to start a bakery in the program. By starting the bakery we can reduce food cost by baking our own goods, selling baked goods to the surrounding community, and create a vocational program for the teens.


Get your community, Club, or civic organization involved in an international project that can be rewarding and fulfill a great need to the children in the project. When you donate you will be provided with pictures, thank you cards, and a Skype visit can be arranged with the program and some of the kids.