We are a non-profit institution working with a multidisciplinary professional team in the promotion, restoration and defense of Human Rights for children, teenagers and women. We aim at building a more equal society with justice for all the individuals and based on love, respect and solidarity.




Our institution becomes a reference at a departmental, national and international level in the promotion, defense and exercise of Human Rights for children, teenagers and women in situations of vulnerability, to build a more inclusive society.

On September 15, 1994, the Hamiraya Civil Association (ACH) was formed in order to provide comprehensive care to children and adolescents whose fathers and / or mothers are in prison. The children living in jail with their father and / or mother, were exposed to all kinds of violence, especially sexual. 70% of the children did not have access to education, adequate food, psychosocial development, or health . In other words, children were lacking complete development and full exercise of their rights. For this reason, the Center for Comprehensive Community Prison Care was founded (CAICC).


Every day, the children and adolescents of the San Sebastian and San Pablo prisons are picked up and driven to the CAICC. They spend the day there, receive food, school support, medical care, psychosocial support and, at the end of the day, they go back to the prisons on the school bus. There are two groups, one that goes to school in the morning and another one in the afternoon.


However, while working with the children we realized that the women who live in prison and even those in the community experience many forms of violence. Their status as prisoners means they are considered second class citizens, and denied basic rights. There are many cases of delayed justice. They are discriminated against suffer sexual and political harassment, and economic hardship.


Therefore, we decided to open a new program: Kacharpari Kuni (Me libero – free myself) - Comprehensive Care Program for Women (KPAIM). It is important to stress that we are the only institution in Cochabamba that works with women in jail and their dependents, in the exercise of their rights and to guarantee a life free from violence.



1-5 Year Old Program



Main Office and 6-17 Year Old Program

Calle Arque entre Aiquile y Avenida 21 de Enro

(Zona Sumumpaya)

Cochabamba, Bolivia

+591 (4) 437-5292

Comprehensive care for children and teenagers: care is provided to girls, boys and teenagers through the following projects:

  • Comprehensive Care Center Community Prison (CAICC)

  • Centro Integral San Sebastián (CIS)

  • Support Pedagogical and School Reinforcement (APRE)

  • Psycho-Social Cabinet (GAPS)

  • Medical Consulting Renacer (CEMERE).



Comprehensive Care for Women (KPAIM): Provides psychological, social and legal assistance to women deprived of their liberty or in vulnerable situations. Encourage them to exercise their rights and promote a life free from violence, with an emphasis on economic empowerment.


Prevention Programs:

Awareness campaigns are conducted to educate participants about their Human Rights and to fight against any form of violence in coordination with other private, public, civil and social institutions.


Advocacy and Social Policies for Children, Adolescents and Women:

The municipalities of Cochabamba, Colcapirhua, Quillacollo and Vinto work in collaboration with different platforms in the fight against violence against children, adolescents and women. We elaborate municipal draft legislation to guarantee children, adolescents and women a life free from violence. We work on the visibility of the so-called "votos resolutivos" for women deprived of liberty in public institutions in order to make public calls for proposals that guarantee a dignified life for those women.



We are an institution working with trainees and researchers from public and private universities. Being one of the main institutions working with this population we receive professionals who write academic papers. All our academic work is gathered in our library. We also give workshops on Human Rights and Gender issues.



The institution has self-sustaining alternatives that allow people to raise funds for the projects:



This is an economic initiative based on the production and sale of bread and cakes.



Children and teenagers in their alternative therapies and life projects, elaborate handmade birthday cards.


¿Yo me apunto, y tú?:

This is a project that encourages civil society and companies to support our children and teenagers through donations.



This institution offers local, departmental and national tourist trips to people who wish to participate in building a life free of violence for girls, boys, adolescents and women through our tourist packages.



Family - community housing care is provided to Volunteers / foreigners.


Any person or organization who supports, volunteers, or donates to any of the services we offer receives a certificate of Honorary Defender of children's rights recognized by public and private institutions at a national and international level.

Services & Programs