You can visit Bolivia and volunteer at our programs. We need teachers, medical professionals, and business professionals all year round. You can volunteer with us by contacting us.

Make a Financial Contribution

There are two ways to make a financial contribution. You can send a donation through our partner in the USA, GFWC Tampa Junior Woman's Club. Financial contributions will go towards operating expenses and to the current needs of the children.


Fundraising Projects

We have many needs for the children. Some needs include buying a property, a new school bus, tables, chairs, educational books and programs, computers, software, cooking equipment and appliances, book shelves, shoes, clothing, uniforms for school, bottles, diapers, medicine, games, and a jungle gym/play area.

Community/Group Projects 
You can fundraise in your own community, with your civic organization, school, and clubs.

Featured Project

We would like to purchase bakery equipment for our program. We can bake goods which will reduce food costs for the children, allow us to sell goods to the local community creating income for the program, and develop a vocational program teaching teens a trade they can take with them into their own communities.